Buy an affordable vending machine and be your own boss

Are you looking for work with flexible hours and financial rewards? A second job or a side project to boost your income? It’s time to start your own vending machinebusiness. It’s easier than you think.


We have a range of quality second-hand vending machines for sale to get you started. The cost savings are significant and you can have confidence you’re not compromising on quality. It’s the savvy way to grow your vending machine business or start a new one!

Start your own business with a sited vending machine

In real estate, they say location is everything. It’s the same for vending machines. We pick the right location so our vending machines become profitable businesses.

Buy a sited vending machine and expand your vending machine business or start your own vending machine venture.

We meticulously choose suitable site locations for our combination drink and snack vending machines – offices, warehouses, factories, car yards, health settings and more – to ensure our machines are viable and financially rewarding.

It’s like purchasing a business that’s already generating income without the expense of a bricks and mortar operation.
Our sited vending machines are appealing entrepreneurial businesses thatearn you money. They’re low maintenance, don’t require you to be on site and they support your lifestyle goals.

Choose Vending Machines R Us

Why buy a vending machine from us? Because we know vending machines inside out. We also know what it takes to make a business work.

So if you’re looking to expand your vending machine business or you want to start a business with your first machine, take advantage of our experience. We’ll help you.

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