Our combination machines are stocked with satisfying

Healthy and convenient pick-me-up snacks for your employees and customers.
We take care of the service and we regularly restock your machine so you don’t have to do a thing.

Take the guilt out of snacking with our healthy range

Feel good about snacking with our health and wellness range! Indulge without compromise with bite-size, grab and go food choices that tick all the boxes and are better for you.

organic and natural range of nuts

protein bars

breakfast biscuits

gluten-free options

Bringing convenience and choice to your workplace

Take a mini snack break without wasting time leaving the worksite

You choose the products from an assortment of popular brands: sweet, savoury plus healthy optionse

We supply, install, maintain and regularly refill your machine – free of charge

So if you’re looking to expand your vending machine business or you want to start a business with your first machine, take advantage of our experience. We’ll help you.

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