On-the-go snacks to help your workers refuel and bounce back

On-the-go snacks to help your workers refuel and bounce back

Vending Machines R Us is the leading provider of modern drink and snack vending machines throughout Sydney. Our combination machines are the perfect vending solution for your employees and customers when they crave a satisfying healthy and convenient pick-me-up snack. Best of all, we take care of the service and maintenance and regularly restock your machine so you don’t have to do a thing!

Don’t miss out!

Free delivery and installation
Tap and Go payments
No hire costs
Energy efficient machines
No maintenance

Our vending machines offer more than just snacks

Traditional vending machines are filled with bags of chips, lollies and soft drinks. But at Vending Machines R Us, we do things a little differently.

We customise the contents of your machine to your workplace. Whether you’re a warehouse, distribution centre, school, gym, or even a construction site, we can fill your machine with a range of convenient products to indulge your staff and your customers.

Our state-of-the-art, modern vending machines are completely customisable to offer non-food products too – think PPE including safety wear, earplugs and first aid or a hygiene station offering hand sanitisers, face masks and wipes or even travel size toiletries and beauty products.

Be creative and personalise a vending solution to suit your industry.

modern vending machines are completely customisable to offer non-food products too

Partner with us for a unique vending experience

Getting a vending machine for your workplace is as easy as 1-2-3


1. Complete our online form

Complete our online form and we’ll arrange a vending machine customised for your workplace

2. We Deliver

We deliver and install your vending machine stocked with quality products of your choice

3. Enjoy

Enjoy the convenience of snacks or products at your fingertips
On-the-go snacks to help your workers refuel and bounce back

Take the guilt out of snacking with our healthy range

Our health and wellness range will make you feel good about snacking! If you are watching your calories or just prefer healthier options, we have bite-size, grab and go food and drink choices so you can indulge without compromise. Select from our organic and natural range of nuts, protein bars, breakfast biscuits and shakes that tick all the boxes – and they are perfect for vegan and gluten-free diets too.

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Why Choose Us

Why you need Vending Machines R Us on your site


Sometimes a mini snack break is all the fuel you need to keep the hanger at bay and stay focused. With a selection of snacks available around the clock on-site, there is no need for staff to leave the workplace!

Regular refills

You’ll never run out of your selection of quality, popular brand name food and drinks your staff and customers love. Our range is always changing and adaptable to meet your tastes – simply choose the products to suit your workplace.

Maintenance free, hassle free

We supply, install and maintain your vending machine to make sure it is in perfect working order – free of charge.

Has your vending machine seen better days

Contactless Payment

Has your vending machine seen better days?

Don’t put up with your old, tired looking vending machine. We have the latest in combination vending machines that not only look the part with their sleek, modern design but feature innovative technology for contactless payment. Our machines are reliable, user friendly and best of all, are energy efficient so the operating costs are significantly reduced.

Snack wise and choose Vending Machines R Us

With decades of combined industry experience, we know and understand vending machines. Our energetic and enthusiastic team is excited to share our knowledge and help you choose the best combination vending machine for your worksite. Contact us to arrange your vending machine and take advantage of our vast experience, capability and know-how.

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